China Good quality 350mm, 400mm, 450mm Diamond Segment Good quality

Merchandise Description

Product functions: 

1. Chopping marble in substantial pace CZPT chipping. 
2. CZPT cutting existence and secure overall performance. 
3. Segment is extremely sharp, higher performance. 
four. By means of the validation tested scientific formula. 
5. Innovative production process for sintering. 
six. Employing large good quality uncooked resources, imported cobalt powder and nickel powder, and higher-high quality diamond single crystals 
seven. Rigorous item good quality inspection processes. 

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Tiny diameter (three hundred – 800 mm) diamond round noticed blade segments for slicing
Diameter Inch Core Thickness Section Dimensions Section
Silent/non silent Weld Technologies
 mm   mm mm pcs    
φ300 12″ 2.2/2. 40×3./2.8×8(ten)(twelve)(fifteen) 21 Silent/non silent Laser/Higher Frequency
φ350 14″ two.2/2.four 40×3./3.2×8(10)(12)(fifteen)(twenty) 24 Silent/non silent Laser/Large Frequency
φ400 sixteen” two.6/2.8 40×3.4/3.6/3.8×8(ten)(twelve)(fifteen)(20) 28 Silent/non silent Laser/Substantial Frequency
φ450 eighteen” 2.8/3. 40×4./4.2×8(10)(twelve)(15)(20) 32 Silent/non silent Laser/High Frequency
φ500 twenty” 2.8/3. 40×4./4.2×8(10)(12)(15)(twenty) 36 Silent/non silent Laser/Higher Frequency
φ600 24″ 3.six 40×4.6×8(10)(12)(15)(20) 42 Silent/non silent Laser/High Frequency
φ700 28″ 4 40×5.2×8(10)(12)(15)(20) forty two Silent/non silent Laser/Substantial Frequency
φ800 32″ 4.5 40×6.0x8(10)(twelve)(15)(20) 46/57 Silent/non silent Laser/Higher Frequency
Big diameter (900 – 3500 mm) diamond round saw blade segments for reducing
Diameter   Inch Core Thickness Phase Dimension Phase
Silent/non silent Weld Technology
mm   mm mm pcs    
φ900 36″ five 24×6.6/6.0×10(12) (15)(20) 64 Non Substantial Frequency
φ1000 forty” 5.5 24×7./6.4×10(twelve) (fifteen)(20) 70 Non High Frequency
φ1200 48″ six 24×8./7.4×10(12) (15)(20) 80 Non High Frequency
φ1300 fifty” six.5 24×8.4/7.8×10(12) (fifteen)(20) 88 Non Higher Frequency
φ1600 sixty four” seven.two 24×9./8.4×10(12) (fifteen)(20) 108 Non High Frequency
φ1800 72″ eight 24×9.8/9.2×10(twelve) (15)(twenty) one hundred twenty Non Higher Frequency
φ2000 eighty” eight 24×10.5/9.5×10(twelve)(15)(20) 128 Non Higher Frequency
φ2200 88″ 9 24×11.5/ten.5x(fifteen)(twenty) 132 Non Higher Frequency
φ2500 110″ 9 24×12.5/11.5x(fifteen)(20) a hundred and forty Non High Frequency
φ3000 a hundred and twenty” ten 24×13.5/twelve.5x(15)(twenty) a hundred and sixty Non Large Frequency
φ3500 a hundred and forty” 10 24×14.5/thirteen.5×15 (20) a hundred and eighty Non Large Frequency

CZPT Superabsive Tool TechCZPT Co. Ltd.,recognized in 2001 and conveniently found in HangZhou, SCZPT China, offers one particular supply remedies for quarry, which includes structure plHangZhou, quarrying products manufacturing and sourcing. It has developed into an intercontinental high-tech company, with a effective integration of analysis & development, manufacturing and income. Obtaining committed ourselves to the development of quarry gear for above twenty many years, we have acquired rich and successful expertise in stone quarrying throughout the world and built a comprehensive provide chain ecosystem of quarry items.

Our study groups are composed of professionals and elites from numerous fields, such as a group of medical doctors, professors and senior engineers from China, Canada, Italy and ZheJiang . Adhering to the mission of NO QUARRYING IS Extremely hard, we are concentrating our endeavours on establishing and advertising stone quarrying devices and equipment. We are the 1st domestic CE qualified manufacturer in this industry, with far more than 80 patents on innovations, new utility versions, and exterior designs. Consistently acknowledged as getting distinguished in high quality and value functionality, our goods have been favored in a variety of distant markets, which includes Italy, Spain, Brazil, South Africa, United states of america, Russia, and south east Asia.   

In 2019, CZPT Stone Quarrying Study Institute was launched. With the purpose of producing it the benchmark in Chinese stone quarrying techCZPT and management, we are striving to make it the best technical standard in international quarrying industry, and to unfold the innovative ideas and techCZPT to the globe.

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China Good quality 350mm, 400mm, 450mm Diamond Segment     Good quality