China best Stretch Wrap Sealable BOPP Packaging Film with High Density Design OEM

Solution Description

Extend Wrap Sealable BOPP Packaging Movie With Large Density Style


Biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film is movie stretched in both device and transverse instructions, producing molecular chain orientation in two directions. BOPP movie is produced by a tubular procedure, in which a tubular bubble is inflated, or a tenter body procedure, in which a thick extruded sheet is heated to its softening position (not to the melting position) and is mechanically stretched by three hundred-four hundred%.



No. Item Unit Outcome
1 Width bias mm
2 Thickness bias % -.93
three Regular thickness bias % .sixty four
4 Tensile energy MD Mpa 182.6
    TD   295.3
5 Elongation MD % 158.5
    TD   59.2
6 Modulus(reference benefit) MD Mpa 2033.82
seven Warmth shrinkage MD % three.five
    TD   three.9
eight Haze % 1.seventy two
nine Gloss % ninety six.two
10 Decaying charge of static Treated facet   22.32
    No-dealt with aspect   20.58
eleven COF(q/m) Exterior/Metallic   .218/.146
    Inside of/ Metal   .311/.213




one. Provide any variety and dimensions plastic Pouches and Movies

2. Exceptional sharp and vivid printing effect

3. Different resources, Eco Friendly / Inexperienced Packaging optional

four. First class barrier house, sturdy sealing/bonding/compression toughness. Non-breakage, Non-leakage

5. Top top quality + Reasonable cost+ Devoted working perspective

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Whether or not you are building from scratch or updating an existing venture, discovering the correct size for your roller chain is a critical 1st determination. To correctly measure a roller chain, you require to know the overall width, diameter, and width of the rollers, plate thickness, and top.

China best Stretch Wrap Sealable BOPP Packaging Film with High Density Design     OEM