China Hot selling Galvanized Securoty Bto 22 Wire Fence Netting/Razor Concertina Wire Hot selling

Product Description

Concertina Razor Barbed Wire 2.0MM Razor Wire Manufacture

one. Generation of barbed wire:

 Razor  barbed wire  is a mesh of steel strips with sharp edges whose objective is to stop passage by people. The phrase “razor wire”, by way of long usage, has usually been utilized to describe barbed tape products. 

Razor wire has a central strand of hightensile sCZPT wire, and a metal tape punched into a shape with barbs. The metal tape is then chilly-crimped tightly to the wire just about everywhere apart from for the barbs. Barbed tape is very related, but has no central reinforcement wire.

The several blades of a razor wire fence are made to inflict critical cuts on anybody attempting to climb by way of and consequently have a sturdy psychologicaldeterrent impact.

2. Widespread Specification:

Reference quantity


Wire dia.(mm

Barb size(mm)

Barb width(mm)

Barb spacing(mm)


.5 ± .05






.5 ± .05






.5 ± .05







.5 ± .05







.5 ± .05






.6 ± .05





Barbed Tape Concertina (CBT)Barbed Tape Impediment (BTO)
Common supplies are possibly galvanized or stainless steel.430/304/316
Normal deals products are revealed in the tables previously mentioned, particular requirements accessible on ask for.

3. Floor Remedies:

one. Electro galvanized 
2. very hot-dipped galvanized 
3. stainess steel 
four. PVC coated core 
5.  hot-dipped galvanized core wire+stainless metal blade

four. Razor varieties:

1. Crossed razor wire
    Two parts of stainless razor wire or zinc-coated razor wire wer bounded collectively by clips to make it
     more strength.The spiral intersecting barbed wire presents an intersecting shape right after

2. Solitary barbed wire
    One coil barbed type wire is installed CZPT clips, it operates in natural loops on walls. Costless and can
    be easily mounted.

3. Straight razor barbed wire
    There are many ways for straight type razor wire setting up. The straight variety razor wire can be put in
     quickly. It can not only save expenditure but also get to the outcome of frightening and stopping.

4. Razor wire mesh fence
    Welded razor mesh fence is a new kind of razor barbed wire mesh for protection with practicality blade and
    the attribute appears quite gorgeous. It can be utilized for guard web of fence, doorways and home windows and also can be
    used in military. The specification can be made as the customers’ need.

five. Qualities:

 With  beautiful and sharp blades and robust core wire,razor wire has the features of great deterrent outcomes,nice appearance,effortless instrallation,affordable and useful and other qualities.

6. Purposes:
Razor wire fencing is broadly utilised in authorities organizations, prisons, and military places, etc. Especially in prisons, the exclusive construction of sharp blades. It often can be utilized with barbed wire togeher mounted on the best of chain link fence and palisade fence for higher stability.

7. FAQ:

1. Are you investing business or manufacturing facility?
We are skilled manufacturer on wire mesh items for far more than 15years, have our own Intercontinental Buying and selling Office, Quality Test Dept, Documentation Dept, Finance Dept, and Following-sales Service Dept. 

2. How can I get a quotation?
You will get a very competitive quotation at the shortest time as lengthy as you send out us inquiry with specs and quantity you need to have!

three. What’s your gurantee about the top quality?
ISO9001, CO, SGS and any other top quality inspection are recognized and certifications are accessible.


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China Hot selling Galvanized Securoty Bto 22 Wire Fence Netting/Razor Concertina Wire     Hot selling