China Professional 12 Ton Lifting Crane of Topkit Building Construction Free Design Custom

Item Description

12 Ton Topkit Tower Crane
This collection of tower cranes, ranging from SATW1 has a horizontal jib body, a jib-trolley radius-shifting system and a
hydraulic self-raising mechanism. It is first in design and style, reliable in procedure and satisfactory in form. Outfitted with all
necessary basic safety gadgets, these cranes present a great velocity-manage potential, satisfactory functioning steadiness and substantial work
efficiency. They can be commonly employed for the design of substantial-rise resorts, residential properties, large-rise industrial properties,
massive-span factory buildings and tower-like structures like tall chimneys.

Main specialized parameters  

Product TC7571 TC7032 TC8030
Rated Lifting Instant(t.m) 298 three hundred 500
Max.lifting Capability(t) 16 12 twenty five
Cost-free Standing Top(m) fifty one.8 fifty two.four seventy four.nine
Increase Length(m) 70 70 eighty
Mast Segment Dimension L68B2 L68B2 R87A/R86A/R85A

Characteristic & benefit

one.suitable for all sorts of development initiatives and can operate beneath all sorts of work condition.
2.It has a substantial operating pace, very good speed-modifying efficiency, continual operation, and high efficiency.
3.The crane has a complete established of security gadgets, which can promise the risk-free and large-performance operation of the
4. 3-pace motor and mono-speed ratio decelerators are used in the lifting design, which allows large load
minimal velocity
and light load higher velocity.
5.Planet gear decelerator is applied in the circumgyrating framework, jointly with second-limiting hydraulic coupler, which
can recognize large load potential, regular commencing, and reputable procedure.

Safety features:

1. Overload protection:If the material is over the capacity, the crane will give a sharp warning for protection itself

two. Emergency brake: If the operation staff encounters some emergency situation, we could start the emergency brake 
system to protection the related treasure.

3. Control Method: Room control or remote control to avoid any injure to the operation staff

four. Main lifting motor: with thermal protection and currency protection

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China Professional 12 Ton Lifting Crane of Topkit Building Construction     Free Design Custom