China Hot selling Ss304 Ss316 Stainless Steel Conveyor Chain Free Design Custom

Solution Description

Stainless metal chain conveyors
one). Quality standard: ISO9001 certificate
two). Materialsteel, ss316, ss304
3). Modle: Simplex, duplex, triplex and so on
4). Prolonged services lifestyle
5). Big Pitch, 20A &lpar100) – 48A &lpar 240), 20B-72B
6). Outstanding and large good quality control, superior creating gear.

one. Short pitch transmission precision roller chains&lparA sequence)

2. Limited pitch transmission precision roller chains&lparB collection)

three. Roller chains with straight side plates&lparA sequence)

4. Roller chains with straight facet plates&lparB sequence), and so on.

5. Stainless steel hollow pin conveyor roller chain

six. Triple roller chain, duplex roller chain.

We are the maker of sprockets and equipment transmission elements. Principal items contain chains, sprockets, timing belt pulleys, gears, bushes & hubs, pulleys, and other people.
We can source different varieties of chainswith good value and substantial top quality.
Remember to contact us if you have any requirment.

We can offer chain as below:
1. Roller chains with straight side plate &lparA sequence)&semi 08A to 48A
two. Roller chains with straight aspect plate &lparB collection): 04B to 48B
three. Short pitch conveyor chain with attachments: O8A to 16B with attachment
four. Conveyor chain with particular attachments &lparA series): C08A-1 to C32A-three
five. Conveyor chain with particular attachments &lparB collection): C08B-1 to C32B-3
six. Conveyor chain with specific attachments: A1, K1, WK1, WK2, WA1, WA2
seven. Quick pitch conveyor chain with ex10ded pins: 40HP, 50HP, 60HP, 80HP.
eight. Conveyor chain with special ex10ded pins
nine. Double pitch conveyor chains
10. Double pitch conveyor chain with attachments
11. Double pitch conveyor chain with special attachments
twelve. Double pitch conveyor chain with ex10ded pins
thirteen. Double additionally chains
fourteen. Lumber conveyor chain & attachments
15. Sharp top chains
sixteen. Roller chain with vulcanised elastomer profiles
17. Roller chain with U type attachments
eighteen. Roller chain with plastic attachments
19. Plastic chains
20. Roller chain with plastic rollers
21. A variety of conveyor chains
22. Conveyor chains&lparM sequence)
23. Conveyor chain with attachments&lparM series)
24. Conveyor chains&lparMT collection)
twenty five. Hollow pin conveyor chains&lparMC series)
26. Conveyor chains&lparFV sequence)
27. Conveyor chain with attachments&lparFV collection)
28. Conveyor chains&lparFVT collection)
29. Hollow pin conveyor chains&lparFVC series)
30. Non-standard hollow pin conveyor chains
31. Conveyor chains&lparZ collection)
32. Conveyor chain with attachments&lparZ series)
33. Conveyor chains&lparZE collection)
34. Hollow pin conveyor chains&lparZC sequence)
35. Conveyor chains
36. Conveyor chain with attachments
37. Metal chains for sewage disposal
38. Particular conveyor chains
39. Universal motion conveyor chains
forty. Conveyor chains for hoisting
forty one. Welded conveyor chains
42. Roller chains for textile machinery
43. Roller chains for folio transportation&lparGripper)
44. Support chains
forty five.78PF1 conveyor chains
46. Conveyor chains for paper mill
47. Conveyor chains for metal decorating program
48. To leading chain-curved motion
49. Double flex chains
50. Hollow pin chains
fifty one. Engineering bush chains
52. Engineering bush chain with attachments
53. Escalator phase-chains
54. Conveyor chains for metal mill
fifty five. Scraper conveyor chains
fifty six. Welded metal chains
fifty seven. Welded steel chain with attachments
fifty eight. Metal pintle chain
fifty nine. Steel pintle chain with attachments
sixty. Conveyor chains for fibreboard products
sixty one. Conveyor chains for crawler asphalt paver
sixty two. Palm oil chains
63. Sugar chains
64. Flat-best conveyor chains

Substance stainless steel
Method Assembled
Warmth treatment Circumstance hardening, Meshbeltfurnace quenching warmth treatment
Area remedy no
Efficiency Higher precision, higher use resistance, reduced noise, smooth and steady, substantial strength
Product variety Normal and specific
Packaging Plastic bag ,carton box ,plywood scenario or client need.


Chain pitch: refers to the length among the hinge centre of one particular chain link and the hinge middle corresponding to the adjacent chain link. Sprocket Pitch Circle Diameter: The diameter of the circle exactly where the heart of the hinge is when the chain is wrapped close to the ball. The hinge centers of the chain and the circles drawn through these facilities are known as pitch circles, and their diameters are called pitch circle diameters.These chains are employed to continually elevate and express materials at a velocity of 2 m/s. There are two kinds of conveyor chains: Removable or hooked chains: This kind of conveyor chain is used for energy transmission among conveyors of shorter lengths. Closed chain: composed of the cylinder block and connecting rod, cast and fashioned, with high power soon after heat therapy.
The roller chain operates on rotating sprockets connected to the motor that drives the chain. In most roller chains, there are two sorts of hyperlinks utilised alternately to make it operate. Interior join (also referred to as roller join): The two internal plates are joined together by two sleeves or bushings underneath the two rollers. Outer ring (also called pin ring): The two outer plates are pinned jointly, by way of the bushing of the interior ring.

China Hot selling Ss304 Ss316 Stainless Steel Conveyor Chain     Free Design Custom