China manufacturer High Quality Spraying Plastic Sharp-Top Steel Fence Standard

Item Description

Sharp-prime Metal Fence
Fence color
Square tube welded fence,Beam and vertical tube of the very same color,Because they are welded together just before surface area treatment method.
So the colour of complete panel is a exact same colour , and it typically is black, green, blue, white and any other color.
Substance high quality: High good quality sizzling-dip galvanized steel square pipe.
Surface area remedy: spraying plastics/electrostatic spraying 
One established fence consist of:
publish,rail,montant,rain hat, decorative flower, u clamp, stainless metal screws
Robust structure,excellent high quality
Sturdy and main10ance free of charge
Powder coated
Effortless Set up


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China manufacturer High Quality Spraying Plastic Sharp-Top Steel Fence     Standard