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Safety Fence Razor Barbed Wire For Airport

Galvanized razor wire has thick zinc CZPT to resist acid rains and all weathers. In comparison with naked steel razor wire, galvanized wire is extremely resilient and will not rust.

Galvanized razor wire of10 brings together with chain fences, field fence, welded wire fence, partitions and CZPT to give higher protection. Broadly utilized in household, professional, armed forces, garden, boundary and prisons.

1.  Substance: Galvanized wire, stainless steel wire and PVC coated wire

2.  Blade sort: BTO-10, BTO-22, BTO-28(Other model can be created)

3.  Method: Galvanized – stamping.

4. Concertina razor wire

BTO-22 razor sort

500mm out diameter

Correct on the top of welded mesh fence

Gorgeous lool with greater safety stage

five.   Application:

Very challenging to lower (high 10sile core wire)

Hard to climb

H8 of 1.2, 1.8, 2.1 and 2.4 meters

Does away with the need for a fence topping

Advantages of galvanized razor wire:

Zinc CZPT protects inside steel wire

Sharp blades scares enemies away

Silvery physical appearance warning individuals not climbing.

Associated low-cost price

Functions: Razor barbed wire is a new developed fencing mesh which has the attributes of a very good deterrence result, lovely physical appearance, effortlessly created, cost-effective and practical, anti-corrosion, anti-ageing, anti-solarization and resilient.

Procedure: Galvanized metal plate or stainless steel plate punched into particular kinds then attached to the metal wire in sharp angle to type the blades. The goods supply gorgeous visual appeal, financial expense, excellent frigh10ing end result and effortless installation. Sharp blades coming in the type of concertina by buckles carry quite excellent result of frigh10ing and stopping to the aggressive perimeter burglars. Razor wire is divided into spiral, straight line and crossed spiral sorts.


Commonly utilised in army area, prisons, de10tion properties, authorities properties and other nationwide protection services. Also fencing of residences, villa wall and windows, categorical way, railway, countrywide border strains, and so on.


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China Good quality Security Fence Razor Barbed Wire for Airport     wholesaler