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Solution Description

Product Description

Ordinary brake pads processing technical specs:
Dimensions: 50-200mm
Manufacturing pace:  processing with high density press board≤2800 parts/h  processing with low density press board≤2000 pieces/h
Brake pads of buses or engineering motor vehicle processing technical specs:
Measurement: 150-250mm
Manufacturing velocity: ≤1000 parts/h
Creation pace can be adjusted freely through frequency conversion
Electricity: 20kW-30kW
Proportions: 4m*2m*1.4m
W8: 2400kg

Description of functioning areas

Code description: 1. Grinding device. 2. Assist. 3. The spindle. 4. Countershaft. 5. Horizontal rail. 6. Slider. 7. Slide rail. 8. Chamfering equipment. 9. Chamfer width adjustment hand wheel. ten. Button for modifying the h8 of the grinding disc. eleven. Fantastic-modifying handwheel for grinding disc h8. twelve. Grinding motor. fifteen. Slotted rack. 16. Splint bracket. 17. Plywood sliding mild bar. eighteen. Plywood adjustment screw. 19. Plywood transferring fas10ers. 20. Plywood adjustment slider. 22. Slot. 23 Handwheel for modifying the width of the splint. 24. Plywood h8 adjustment hand wheel. twenty five. Plywood h8 adjustment hand wheel. 27. Run the reducer.

Item introduction
one. The slide rail can be adjusted flexibly. It is parallel to the chain, the centerline of the 2 rails coincides with the centerline of the 2 gears,The surface area of slide rail shall be flat CZPT sharp corner burr.
2. The tightness of the chain is reasonable, and the push plate is perpendicular to the slide rail and the chain. There is no gap among the push plate and the slide rail. Having the equipment working CZPT any stagnation or jitter as the normal, the managing velocity of the equipment can be flexibly modified according to item processing demands and proficiency.
three. The splint can be altered flexibly, ideally with steel again working CZPT jamming and no-rotation. The heart line of the 2 splints coincides with the middle line of the slide rail. The base plane of the splint is 1mm larger than the thrust plate.
four. The aircraft of the slotted saw blade is parallel to the splint and perpendicular to the slide rail, the saw blade is secure, and there is no deformation point out such as still left and correct swing. The operating route of the noticed blade is opposite to the operating direction of the product.
5. The double-grinding motor operates generally, the body has no vibration, the grinding wheel is not deformed, and the motor shaft is perpendicular to the slide rail. The export path is marginally reduce than the import route by .1-.05mm. Seeing from the motor shield, the course of vibration is counterclockwise.
six. The aspect of the chamfered grinding wheel is perpendicular to the slide rail. The center line of the 2 grinding wheels coincides with the center line of the slide rail. The direction of rotation of the grinding wheel is opposite to the working route of the solution.
7. The clutch can be modified so that there is no slippage during creation. Don’t overtigh10 it, it is effortless to drop the clutch.
eight. The distribution box and all electrical comp1nts must be nicely grounded, set up firmly, CZPT damage, and ensure standard operation.

Leads to of equipment operation failures and troubleshooting answers.
one. When the device is idling, the equipment cuts to the press plate. Verify whether or not the corresponding positioning base dead center is too minimal.
two. During creation, the machine cuts the drive plate simply because the push plate is pressed in opposition to the steel back again. The solution is to tigh10 the major chain and lessen the h8 of the chain bracket.
3. Slotting is unstable.. The remedy is to adjust the width of the splint, the width shall be 1.5mm-2mm larger than the duration of the merchandise material .
4. Slotted centerline is not correct. A. Change the still left and appropriate place of the motor. B. Modify the angle of the motor and motor frame. C.Adjust the drive plate angle.
5. The product rotates in the course of operation. A. Splint is too free to catch. B. The product is put skewed. C. The corners of the product are all in the shape of a circular arc, that is, the stage get in touch with can’t be stuck, and the merchandise is not ideal for processing on this grinder. D. The stress of some parts of the splint is as well minimal, ensuing in trapped operation, and the h8 of the splint needs to be adjusted.
6. Merchandise front chamfering. A. The front end of the higher metal back again pressed by the drive plate is raised. B. The splint is way too tight. C. The splint is also higher. D. The main chain is as well free.
seven. The thickness of the item is inconsis10t. Modify the vertical screw of the motor body, that is, alter the grinding disc.
eight. The merchandise has anti-texture. Change the motor, that is, alter the front and back h8 of the flat grinding wheel, the outlet should be .1-.05mm decrease than the import.
9. The chamfering is inconsis10t. A. The heart line of the 2 grinding wheels is not in line with the middle of the slide rail and the splint. B. The h8 of the remaining and proper grinding wheels is not altered to the appropriate place.
one. The minimal processing thickness of the merchandise shall be decreased from the flat grinding disc to the h8 that it does not hurt the splint.
two. Grinding machines can only create merchandise with transverse dimension of 200 mm ~ fifty mm, and can not create products that are as well big or too tiny, or the metal back has bending, or the spacing amongst metal back stabilizing nails is considerably less than twelve mm. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Safe Production 
1. The complete device need to be effectively grounded to make certain the security of electrical energy.
two. Sustain a cleanse surroundings. The grinding machine requirements to be outfitted with a dust suction gadget with an air quantity of 7000-8000m3/h to prevent dust from causing a limited circuit and leading to an electrical shock.
three. Do not snatch the running merchandise during generation to avoid damage. Grasp the use of emergency cease button.

Business Profile

Packaging & Delivery

Overview of the procedure panel
The processing thickness of the charfing width of the grinding machine are shown by the raster       display device. X exhibits the roughing thickness. Y exhibits the ending thickness. Z demonstrates the width of chamfering. They are reference values.
The major reference columns of raster exhibit are as follows:
1. Panel diagram
2. Panel guidelines.
3.2.1. Resolution, the resolution of this device is .005mm.
3.2.3. Counting course.
4.1. Clear.
4.2. Enter preset values for an axis.
4.3 Metric-British conversion.

How to use the grinding equipment
1. You should first check out whether each technique is typical, such as working direction and chain tightness, length gap, clutch tightness, and data display etc. Make confident to discover problems in progress,to deal with them in advance so as to make sure risk-free generation.
2. Alter the width of the slide rail according to the length among the steel back again and the stabilizing nail. Dependent on the premier speak to surface between the steel again and the slide rail and the widest slide rail, the CZPT area of the get in touch with slide rail is maximized and the slide rail is widest. The gap between the metal again stabilizing nail and the slide rail shall be 2-5mm.
3. Modify the width and h8 of the splint. Adjust the splint in accordance to the width of the friction substance of the product, the width of the splint must be 1-2mm better than the width of the material . Effectively adjust the h8 of the splint in accordance to the thickness of the steel back again, so as not to cause caught operation.
four. Alter the h8 and center situation of the noticed blade. The edge of the noticed blade ought to be higher than the press plate. The saw blade should be positioned in the middle of the splint and slide rail, and it can also be altered correctly in accordance to the earlier placement.
5. Alter the processing h8 of the grinding disc. Very first of all, unlock the brake of the grinding disc, alter the price 1st to steer clear of adversely affecting the product. If the genuine brake thickness is inconsis10t with the shown information, alter the displayed price. Press the x or y button in accordance to the corresponding x or y show button. At this time, no value is exhibited, re-enter the genuine benefit of the experimental merchandise, and then press the Ent button. Unlock the air brake system every single time you modify it, and re-lock the air brake method when you have modified it. The approach for adjusting the grinding disc is the same as above.
six. Modify the chamfer price according to the width of the friction content of the solution. This worth is a reference value and need to be adjusted correctly in accordance to the requirements of the product.
seven. Adjustment of running pace. According to the specifications of the product and  the velocity of the workers, the managing speed can be modified correctly.
8. When the product lastly comes off the slide rail, be positive to spend at10tion to secure procedure and do not snatch the item underneath dangerous circumstances.
9. If the obtaining skateboard is caught, lessen the h8 of the skateboard when towing.
ten. If there is solution abnormality in the course of operation, you can manually adjust the ahead-reverse buttons to reverse. Reversing can not run for a lengthy time. The maximum processing pace is 2100 items for each hour.


1. What is your least purchase quantity and warranty?
A: MOQ is 1 set, and warranty is 1 yr.

2.When is the shipping time?
A: Standard Machines,We will supply then inside of thirty-45 doing work times soon after received your deposit,if some specific machines will
be some for a longer time.we will give you the solution accordingly.

3. What is the package of the machines?
A: The machines standard packed by iron pallets with plastic movies.

4.How can I decide on the most ideal equipment ?
A: Remember to enable us know your machining desire or device dimension ,we can pick the very best design for you , or you can pick the precise model by by yourself. You can also send us the goods drawing ,we will choose the most ideal equipment for you .

5. What is your trade conditions?
A : FOB, CFR,CIF or other people phrases are all satisfactory.

6. What is the payment Conditions ?
A : T/T ,30% first payment when purchase ,70% balance payment prior to cargo
Irrevocable LC at sight .

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China Good quality Top Manufacturer High Quality Disk Brake Pad Linear Grinding Machine     OEM