China wholesaler 350mm, 400mm, 450mm CZPT Segment supplier

Item Description

Item features: 

one. Slicing marble in high velocity CZPT chipping. 
two. Lengthy cutting existence and stable efficiency. 
3. Section is extremely sharp, high efficiency. 
four. By way of the validation examined scientific system. 
five. Innovative creation approach for sintering. 
6. Using high quality uncooked materials, imported cobalt powder and nickel powder, and high-top quality CZPT solitary crystals 
7. Stringent solution top quality inspection procedures. 

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Little diameter (300 – 800 mm) CZPT round noticed blade segments for cutting
Diameter Inch Main Thickness Section Dimensions Phase
Silent/non silent Weld Engineering
 mm   mm mm pcs    
φ300 12″ two.2/2. 40×3./2.8×8(ten)(12)(15) 21 Silent/non silent Laser/Higher Frequency
φ350 fourteen” two.2/2.4 40×3./3.2×8(10)(12)(15)(twenty) 24 Silent/non silent Laser/Higher Frequency
φ400 sixteen” two.6/2.8 40×3.4/3.6/3.8×8(10)(12)(15)(twenty) 28 Silent/non silent Laser/Substantial Frequency
φ450 18″ two.8/3. 40×4./4.2×8(ten)(twelve)(15)(twenty) 32 Silent/non silent Laser/Substantial Frequency
φ500 20″ 2.8/3. 40×4./4.2×8(ten)(twelve)(fifteen)(twenty) 36 Silent/non silent Laser/Higher Frequency
φ600 24″ 3.6 40×4.6×8(10)(twelve)(fifteen)(twenty) 42 Silent/non silent Laser/Higher Frequency
φ700 28″ 4 40×5.2×8(10)(twelve)(fifteen)(twenty) forty two Silent/non silent Laser/High Frequency
φ800 32″ 4.five 40×6.0x8(ten)(twelve)(fifteen)(20) forty six/fifty seven Silent/non silent Laser/High Frequency
Big diameter (900 – 3500 mm) CZPT circular observed blade segments for chopping
Diameter   Inch Core Thickness Section Dimension Section
Silent/non silent Weld Technologies
mm   mm mm pcs    
φ900 36″ five 24×6.6/6.0×10(twelve) (15)(twenty) 64 Non Substantial Frequency
φ1000 40″ 5.5 24×7./6.4×10(12) (fifteen)(20) 70 Non Substantial Frequency
φ1200 forty eight” 6 24×8./7.4×10(twelve) (15)(20) 80 Non Higher Frequency
φ1300 50″ 6.5 24×8.4/7.8×10(twelve) (15)(20) 88 Non High Frequency
φ1600 sixty four” seven.2 24×9./8.4×10(12) (15)(20) 108 Non Substantial Frequency
φ1800 72″ eight 24×9.8/9.2×10(12) (fifteen)(twenty) a hundred and twenty Non High Frequency
φ2000 80″ 8 24×10.5/9.5×10(twelve)(15)(20) 128 Non High Frequency
φ2200 88″ 9 24×11.5/ten.5x(fifteen)(20) 132 Non Substantial Frequency
φ2500 one hundred ten” nine 24×12.5/eleven.5x(15)(20) a hundred and forty Non Substantial Frequency
φ3000 120″ 10 24×13.5/12.5x(15)(20) one hundred sixty Non Substantial Frequency
φ3500 one hundred forty” 10 24×14.5/thirteen.5×15 (20) 180 Non Substantial Frequency

Huada Superabsive Resource Engineering Co. Ltd.,proven in 2001 and conveniently located in HangZhou, Southern China, supplies 1 supply answers for quarry, which includes layout plHangZhou, quarrying products production and sourcing. It has developed into an international CZPT company, with a profitable integration of analysis & growth, manufacturing and revenue. Getting dedicated ourselves to the advancement of quarry products for in excess of 20 a long time, we have obtained abundant and productive expertise in st1 quarrying worldwide and developed a total provide chain ecosystem of quarry goods.

Our research teams are composed of authorities and elites from different fields, such as a group of medical professionals, professors and senior engineers from China, Canada, Italy and ZheJiang . Adhering to the mission of NO QUARRYING IS Impossible, we are concentrating our attempts on developing and promoting st1 quarrying machines and instruments. We are the first domestic CE accredited maker in this business, with much more than eighty pa10ts on innovations, new utility models, and exterior styles. Consis10tly regarded as becoming distinguished in good quality and cost performance, our goods have been favored in numerous distant markets, including Italy, Spain, Brazil, South Africa, United states, Russia, and south east Asia.   

In 2019, CZPT St1 Quarrying Study Institute was started. With the goal of creating it the benchmark in Chinese st1 quarrying engineering and administration, we are striving to make it the leading technological normal in world-wide quarrying industry, and to distribute the sophisticated suggestions and engineering to the world.

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China wholesaler 350mm, 400mm, 450mm CZPT Segment     supplier