Chain Bucket Type Packing Machine|Chain Bucket Type Packaging Machine

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AH-LDS Series Bucket Chain Packing Equipment adopts PLC control bolt to give resources, photoelectricity tracking production sacks. And it makes use of chain bucket to weigh. So it can precisely grasp the excess weight. The machine has a realistic composition and the packing speed is rapidly. Non-rank modifying pace, end the total treatment of manufacturing sacks, components, sealing and printing immediately. It is ideal for the immediately packing of powder supplies of foodstuff, drugs and chemical and other industries.

What is much more, speak to materials circulation passage components are all made of health care quality 304 stainless steel and other parts using particular antirust stainless metal.

Qualities of this machine:
· Controlled by the laptop, drove by the compressed air, uncomplicated operation, simple maintenance, steady operate and reputable quality.
· The packing pace has no rank to adjust.
· Adopts exclusive control technology for the duration of sacks, the duration of sacks has no rank to modify. The size of the production sacks is accurate and straightforward to change.
· Intelligible temperature-control instrument, it can continuously management the very hot-seal temperature, certify the high quality of the seal.
· No need to have to alter the accessories, and it can arbitrarily achieve the creating of the three-facet seal, 4-aspect seal, slim and flat sacks and pillow-like sacks.
· Unique photoelectricity orientation technology, to assure full picture of the manufacturing sacks with shade marks.
· In the rated scope, the packing sum has no rank to adjust.
· Print the batch number of the items automatically, manufactured the tearing opening simple for use.
This machine is satisfying to the eye and classy, all stainless steel framework, it conforms to the hygienic demands of the foodstuff and medical packing, and appropriate for the industries of meals and chemical.
Thank for your utilizing AngRui collection packing machine. Your fulfillment is our eternally pursuing objective. We don’t assert that we are the ideal, but we are attempting to make us turn out to be the ideal. Just before using the machine, please read this manuel very carefully.

 Model  AH-LDS100  AH-LDS300  AH-LDS500
 voltage  220V/50HZ  220V/50HZ  220V/50HZ
 Power 2000W 2200W 2500W
 The maximum bag dimension(L*W) a hundred and fifty*120mm two hundred*160mm 260*190mm
 Packing highest pace 2700Ags/H 2000Ags/H 1700Ags/H
 Package measurement five-100g 50-300g 100-500g
 Filing precision +/- one.two% +/- one.2% +/- one.two%
 Dimensions 1000*800*1700mm 1100*one thousand*2100mm 1200*1100*2300mm
 Total weight 320kg 400kg 450kg

<img style="height:auto" title="Chain Bucket Type Packing Machine