Caterpiller D6m D6n D6r D6d D6c D6h D6g D6t Top Roller Bulldozer Carrier Roller

Caterpiller D6m D6n D6r D6d D6c D6h D6g D6t Top Roller Bulldozer Carrier Roller

Caterpiller D6M D6N D6R D6D D6C D6H D6G D6T Top roller Bulldozer carrier roller


Benefit of the Excavator and Bulldozer Provider Roller, Top Roller and Upper Roller

The provider roller use 50Mn steel, soon after free forging into work-piece by a 560KG air hammer, compactness of roller physique more elevated could achieve 58-62, hardness could be thick to .5-.8cm.

CZPT parameters of the Excavator and Bulldozer Carrier Roller, Best Roller and Upper Roller

DH220 287.5 176 84 fifty 149 one hundred twenty five 50 ф168 112
EX100/EX120-one 186.5 a hundred and twenty 66 ninety six.5 a hundred and ten 35 ф140 70.five
EX200-1 220.5 a hundred and fifty eighty 113 124 35 ф171 fifty eight
EX200-2/three/5 239.five 166 one hundred 121 124 35 ф140 58
EX300-1 219 a hundred and seventy 100 119 124 35 ф170 fifty eight
EX300-two 218.five 166 one hundred 120.5 124 35 ф140 58
HD250 203.5 a hundred and forty 106 one hundred ф89 sixty.5
PC60-five 197 one hundred twenty 50 102 110 ф120 70
PC60-7 242.five 164 forty two one hundred twenty five one hundred ten 42 ф148 46
PC100 197.5 one hundred twenty 103 one hundred ten 40 ф120 70.5
PC100 197.5 120 55 103 one hundred ten 40 ф120 70.5
PC200-seven 241.five 164 eighty forty 123.five sixty eight 35 ф145 29
PC300-seven 322.5 200 a hundred 60 156 ninety 55 ф178 46.5
PC400-seven 329.five 206 one hundred and five 70 162.five ninety fifty five ф178 46.5
SH60 123 108 forty five 15 97 a hundred ф110 seventy one
SH120 192.five 128 sixty five 104 one hundred twenty ф140 forty eight
SH200/SH280 247.5 175 eighty forty 129 one hundred forty ф145 51


EX40-1 EX40-2 EX55 EX60 EX60-2 EX60-3 EX60-5 EX70 EX75
EX100 EX110 EX120 EX120-one EX120-two EX120-3 EX120-five EX130-1 EX200-one
EX200-two EX200-3 EX200-5 EX220-3 EX220-five EX270 EX300 EX300-one EX300-two
EX300-three EX300-five EX300A EX330 EX370 EX400-1 EX400-2 EX400-3 EX400-five
EX450 ZAX30 ZAX55 ZAX200 ZAX200-two ZAX330 ZAX450-1 ZAX450-three ZAX450-5
PC20-seven PC30 PC30-three PC30-five PC30-six PC40-seven PC45 PC45-two PC55
PC120-six PC130 PC130-seven PC200 PC200-1 PC200-3 PC200-5 PC200-six PC200-seven
PC200-eight PC210-six PC220-one PC220-three PC220-6 PC220-seven PC220-eight PC270-7 PC202B
PC220LC-six PC220LC-eight PC240 PC300 PC300-3 PC300-5 PC300-six PC300-7 PC300-7K
PC300LC-7 PC350-6/seven PC400 PC400-three PC400-5 PC400-6 PC400lc-7 PC450-6 PC450-seven
PC600 PC650 PC750 PC800 PC1100 PC1250 PC2000    
D20  D31 D50 D60 D61 D61PX D65A D65P D64P-12
D80 D85 D155 D275 D355        
E200B E200-5 E320D E215 E320DL E324D E324DL E329DL E300L
E320S E320 E320DL E240 E120-one E311 E312B E320BL E345
E324 E140 E300B E330C E120 E70 E322C E322B E325
E325L E330 E450 CAT225 CAT312B CAT315 CAT320 CAT320C CAT320BL
CAT330 CAT322 CAT245 CAT325 CAT320L CAT973       
D3 D3C D4 D4D D4H D5M D5H D6 D6D
D6M D6R D6T D7 D7H D7R D8 D8N D8R
D9R D9N D9G D10          
SK120-six SK120-five SK210-eight SK210LC-eight SK220 SK220-one SK220-3 SK220-five/6 SK200 
SK200 SK200  SK200-three SK200-six SK200-eight SK200-five/six SK60 SK290 SK100
SK230 SK250 SK250-eight SK260LC-eight SK300 SK300-2 SK300-four SK310 SK320
SK330-8 SK330 SK350LC-eight SK235SR SK450 SK480 SK30-6    
SH120  SH120-three SH200 SH210-five SH200 SH220-3 SH220-5/seven SH290-3 SH350-5/seven
SH220 SH280 SH290-7 SH260 SH300 SH300-3 SH300-5 SH350 SH60
EC160C EC160D EC180B EC180C EC180D EC210 EC210 EC210B EC240B
EC290 EC290B EC240 EC55 EC360 EC360B EC380D EC460 EC460B

Packing & Shipping of the excacator Carrier Roller, Top Roller and Upper Roller

one.Pallet or wood carton. 

two.Massive elements nude packing in container 

3.Packing as buyer requires. 

Shipping and delivery

1.CZPT Courier, Such as DHL, TNT,UPS

or Fedex.

two.By air/By sea

   Products completely stocked, well timed and efficient supply.

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Pre-sale Provider
Excavator spare components in complete-scale are CZPT
a hundred% good quality assurance, create and manufacture follow authentic kinds
Quick response within 24 several hours

Sale Service
Tiny purchase permitted
Realistic Value and timely delivery
First packing, neutral packing or CZPT packing

Soon after -Revenue Service
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Excellent Right after-sales service. 

CZPT Manufactures a wide assortment of Undercarriage Areas & Components which includes:

  • Monitor Chains (CZPT, Heavy Obligation & “PPR” Sequence)
  • Cast and Cast Generate Segments
  • Push Sprocket
  • Idlers
  • Decrease Rollers
  • Carrier Rollers
  • Observe Tensioning Assemblies and Componets
  • Weighty Responsibility Forestry Roller and Idlers 

Caterpiller D6M D6N D6R D6D D6C D6H D6G D6T Top roller Bulldozer provider roller

Caterpiller D6m D6n D6r D6d D6c D6h D6g D6t Top Roller Bulldozer Carrier Roller