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Item Description

Concertina Razor Barbed Wire

Concertina Razor Wire has constant spirals which are fasten two razor wire loops with each other at various intervals with clips. Concertina cross variety razor wire enjoys very good physical appearance, functional use and can guarantee more powerful security. Razor barbed wire, also known as as the razor stinging, razor wire, is a new kind of fence. Razor barbed wire with beautiful, economical and useful,excellent avoidance impact, practical building and other outstanding attributes. It can be produced into distinct crossed type in different diameter and widely employed in high wall Or bounding wall, it has good impact on insulating and protecting.

Barbed wire is an isolation protecting product which is low-cost and very easily installation. It is made by winding the barbed iron wireon the main wire (strand wire) by way of a barbed wire equipment, and by means of a variety of weaving procedures.

materials low carbon wire, Substantial strentch raw materials
floor treatment                  galvanized and PVC coated
Type               double twisted barbed wire ,basic barbed wire,single strand barbed wire.PVC barbed wire,stoving varnish barbed wire.
IOWA Kind 2strands, 4 details.Barb length 3″ to 6″(Tolerance +/-1/2″)


Barded wire is a sort of modern protection fencing material with substantial-tensile wire. It can be put in to accomplish the end result of terrifying and stopping to the aggressive perimeter intruders, with piecing and reducing razor blades mounted at the leading of the wall, also the unique style producing climbing and touching incredibly diffcult.

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Primary FEATURES  
one) Sharp edge frightens burglars and intruders.
two) Higher stability, rigidity, and tensile sCZPT to stop slicing or destroying.
3) Anti-acid and alkali.
four) Harsh setting resistance.
five) Corrosion and rust resistance.
6) Offered to mix with other fences for higher stage safety barrier.
seven) Convenient installation and uninstallation.
eight) Effortless to sustain.
nine) Sturdy and lengthy service life.




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China Hot selling High Quality Razor Wire Iron Anti-Rust Razor Blade Barbed Wire     Hot selling