China Professional High Strength Polyester Lift Webbing Sling Belt Standard

Merchandise Description

Webbing sling is made from prime quality artificial fiber (100% PES), nylon, and polypropylene fiber by the innovative worldwide degree of weaving techCZPT and gear in various sCZPT approaches, they are mainly employed for different situations of hoisting, the merchandise comply with the standards GB/T8521-1997, EN1492-1:2000.


 ISO4878, EN1492-1,JB/T8521

The merchandise comply with CE, GS security demands


Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon

Safety issue

4:1, 5:1, 6:1



Functioning load



Greatest doing work elongation <2% Breaking elongation <12%

Temperature range

 – forty °C – one hundred °C

* It can be divided into single layer or multi-layer, and the sCZPT method is numerous.
* Measurement can be established by the customer’s request.
* The bearing area is broad, which can lessen the stress of the floor load.
* When lifting objects with clean and fine outer surfaces, it will not hurt the objects to be lifted.
* There are different approaches to hoist.
* Higher sCZPT to weight ratio.
* It can be equipped with anti-put on protective include and anti-reduce protective include.
* It has a distinctive label and employs worldwide standard colors to distinguish the tonnage of the load, even if the sling is worn and easy to identify.
* Light and delicate, effortless to use in tiny areas.
* The surface area can be hardened by PU to boost wear resistance.
* No electrical energy, no risk of electric powered shock.
* Conforms to European common EN 1492-1+A1: 2008 and Chinese business standard JB/T8521-2007.

Content:Substantial-sCZPT polyester (one hundred% PES)

Flat Webbing Slings are lightweight and are significantly less likely to scratch or harm the load being lifted.


Size: According to customer’s demands

Custom made made lifting remedies for non-common programs

In accordance to the customer’s necessity, the security factor of sling has4:1, 5:1,6:1, its load range is from .5t to 50t Which is developed according to intercontinental standard, for shade and load capability.

1.Ahead of use, decide on the correct flat webbing or spherical sling with regard to its software, capability and the surface conditions of the load.
2Please examine the condition of the webbing sling or round sling.  
three.The permissible capacity of the slingsmust not be exceeded.
four.Never shorten a sling by knotting.
five.Flat webbing slings and spherical slings should not be placed around sharp edges or above rough surfaces, use use sleeves and edge protectors in which required.
6.Flat webbing slings ought to be used in this kind of a way, that the carry the load over the full sling width.
seven.Hundreds may only be put on slings if harm is precluded. Do not drag slings fromunder load, position the sling accurately to ensureeasy elimination right after use.
8.Situation slings in this sort of a way, that they hold the load securely.
nine.In “chokef” lifts, only use flat webbing sling with rein forced eyes.
ten.Making use of flat webbing slings with eyes, the eye opening angle must not exceed the connecting stage.


Q1: What type of business are you?
A1: We are not only a manufacturing unit we are also a company committed to the development of first layout and resources and accessories of transportation, logistic, off-road, restoration, design machine and agriculture equipment.
Q2: Could you accept the customization of purchase?
A2: We have a nicely-rounded crew to offer the customized support we will style in accordance to thought, logo, photograph, or one thing you confirmed.
Q3: What are your phrases of payment?
A3: We could take 30% as deposit, and 70% just before shipping. We are going to supply the pictures and online video of the goods and deals ahead of having to pay the harmony.
This fall: Can you supply the sample and how samples will be delivered?
A5: Indeed, the sample will be transported in 2 operating times if it is regular product. The sample will be delivered by sea, land and air categorical, these kinds of as EMS, UPS or FedEx, which will accord your requirement.
Q5: Do you examination all your merchandise ahead of supply?
A7: Sure, we have one hundred% examination ahead of delivery, some merchandise could bring a take a look at report with you
Q6: How prolonged is your lead time?
A8: We are the organization have inventory in warehouse. so we could transported instantly if there is not quite big or personalized buy.

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China Professional High Strength Polyester Lift Webbing Sling Belt     Standard