China Good quality ISO 3170 All-Levels Sampler Cage with Stopper for Oil Tank high quality

Item Description

Cage Sampler
Design: BL
       Sampling cage conforms to ASTM D4057, ISO 3170 and GB/T 4756 .
       For sampling from tank autos, tank trucks, shore tanks, ship tanks and barge tanks. Normally takes all degree samples, running samples, and prime, higher, center, reduce and outlet samples.
       This Kind Cage Sampler is made of a spark-minimizing metal-brass, The decreasing and retrieval eqiupment is attached to the cage in such a manner that a stopper can be oppened by signifies of a sharp jeck. A restricting system, this kind of as a cap with a gap drilled in it, might be utilized to prohibit the filling price. This merged apparatus is weighted so as to sink readily in the product to be sampled. Cage samplers may be utilized to get location, running and all-amounts samples in tank.

       Used with Anti-static Sampling Ropes or Stainless Steel, Brass Chain. Effortless to thoroughly clean, easy procedure. Glass bottles can be changed at any time.
Correctly sized to keep the Container/Bottles. The use of a sampling cage, or any sampling approach that avoids the want to transfer the sample into intermediate sample container, is favored for samples employed for volatility tests.

       In certain, the assortment of volatile samples can prevent the volatilization when the sample is transferred from the sampler. Soon after sampling, the glass bottle can be right taken off CZPT transferring the sample, thus avoiding the next time contamination of the sample.

Content: Brass, Stainless metal Specification: 500ml1000 ml

Content Brass Stainless metal
Specification 500ml 1000 ml


Base Weighted Units Used to location or all-levels sample Mounted a stopper


(1) Outfitted with cork, it can acquire Designated-Placement liquid samples which is greater than the peak of the bottle mouth from the bottom of the tank.

(2) The bottom is geared up with guide Weighted Device, which can be sampled in the viscous sample.

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China Good quality ISO 3170 All-Levels Sampler Cage with Stopper for Oil Tank     high quality